Discovery today of a 21-year-old Uitvlugt from the young Belgian bottler, The Rum Mercenary. And as usual, when we talk about Guyana rum, the name is rarely an indication of what we are going to have in our glass. This is a rum from Uitvlugt but distilled from the double wooden pot still, the famous Port Mourant.

Joint bottling with Kintra, this version is presented in the classic bottles of Rum mercenary but without the classic « pirate » label. For this one, we are entitled to a new series called « Black Label Collection », and this without the fact that Zakk Wilde does not select anything!

So here we are with probably a 1997 Uitvlugt like Duncan Taylor had proposed a few years ago …. well I guess 🙂


Faithful to the continental demerara, either it is very dark, or it is typically this color: light gold, sauternes.


Rather expressive, with beautiful herbaceous, fruity, buttered notes among others …

The pritt glue, the rubber, the apples / pears from our orchards, a few more tropical fruits such as bananas, spices and a slight metallic bitterness make us think of Port Mourant.

It’s rather fresh, with camphor and a « reflex spray » side in fact, very pleasant.

The wood is rather discreet and alcohol is present, without it being too disturbing but I expected less presence considering the 49%.


The mouth is lively, creamy, pastry and fruity … little or no traces of damp wood as I can find at Port Mourant.

Licorice, oak, tobacco are well assembled on a more buttery, bold side and in which we could find brown sugar. It is rather pastry, brioche and very nice.

The finish is rather long with pepper, vanilla and bitter chocolate and a rougher side at the end.


119€ (wtf ???)


Very beautiful Port Mourant, well controlled and balanced …. I would have liked more fruit in fact, as in the 2003 Massam for example but it is clearly very well done.

But what for a so crazy price, it’s amazing to ask « only » 119 € for a rum of this class …. Bravo!



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