When a austrian guy ask to a danish one to bottle some rum from Jamaica, it gives you the 2019 collection of the facebook group « Rum Exchange« …

And if they ask to a belgian bloger to taste the two rum, it can quickly turn to bad jocke about 4 man on a boat, if you know what I mean…. if not, that’s just probably not the same humour than Belgium 🙂

So this evening, we’ve got a small trip to Jamaica with two « top secret distilleries’ rum…. I suppose everybody knows them: Worthy Park et Hampden.

Two young rums, 5 years in Europe and with a double maturation on ex Olorosso and Porto cask. Those one were selectionned and bottled with 1423 World Class Spirits (the danish from the intro), cask strenght.

Jamaica Trelawny 5 yo


Distilled at Hampden, this rum had passed 3 years in ex bourbon cask and after that, 2 years on ex Olorosso cask

With 61.5 ABV, it’s the hotter of the two, no added sugar or coloration..

I’ve to admit, I don’t understand the need to put this rum on an ex oloroso cask…As for the finish on caroni rum, I’m sure there is something to win with this kind of operation.

For me, this kind of « high esters » rum is self sufficient and don’t need nothing else than time…. Probably what’s the bottler had not.

So, let’s see how it’s good !


Rarely seen a hampden so dark …. logical with the provenance of the drum but it is very dark anyway.


Fruity, lively and dry, we find fine traces of solvent, ripe banana, green olive. In fact it’s quite funny, we are entitled to a Hampden muted … like the finish was there to calm his pre-mature teen ardor

It remains « acid » with pineapple, lemon but with a touch more toffee than usual. There is a side caramel soft, grape and spicy, that I imagine the finish will have brought.

Well, but I find too much alcohol and not very sexy actually … it will be rather « bof bof »


Vivid, on a big olive followed by its fruits too much walls and ending with a big smoke in retro olfaction, no doubts, we are at Hampden.

The wood is rather present but the toffee inherited from the finish can not round the corners of this rum too young I think. The finish is long, sustained on a salty, salty and slightly caramelized and spicy aspect.

It’s good but astringent and unfortunately not an exemplary finesse … I did not expect much, but I’m still disappointed actually …

This is the kind of thing that would have deserved more time in cask, clearly.




Too rough, sharp, this Hampden is really too young and reveals very little class and elegance … the finish will probably have made it drinkable but no, on my side it doesn’t match.

I remain convinced that Hampden should not be bottled before 10/12 years of aging.

These distillates are too extreme to take pleasure with so young.

Bad it’s not, but it’s far from pleasant and for 79 € I don’t think it’s waw..



Jamaica St Catherine 5yo

St Catherine

Distilled in 2013 at Worthy Park, this rum was aged 4 years on ex bourbon cask and 1 more in ex Port rubbish cask..

350 bottles were done, without any added sugar, coloration etc… and, 59% abv.

Same for the hampden, I don’t understand directly the porto finish, except a quick way to round this rum and so, sell it quicklier ?

I suppose it’s very hard to sell a 5 years old rum from Jamaica, so a good finish can arrange that and add some body to this really fresh young rum…let’s see !


Rather dark obviously, the rum seems quite fat.


The first nose is quite alcoholic, we find directly a Porto affiliation with dry fruit, vanilla, grapes, dark chocolate rather bitter.

Jamaica comes next with beautiful tropical fruits, banana in the lead followed by a short head of mango and a beautiful lime. The chocolate is milder, milky and the grape is really very ahead. Spices such as nutmeg and a peppery finish complete this rather complex nose.

Rather nice, alcohol dissipates quickly and leaves us with a relatively funky and greedy nose … the finish worked well without completely denatured the thing.


The mouth is lively, we feel the 59 watts but remains pleasant, greedy and warm.

Once again, the grapes are quite present as well as the spices. Vanilla, nutmeg, pepper again. It is very engaging, we go back because the funky side is not left with always this ripe banana and still this grape inherited from our barrel I guess.

The tannins are present, thanks the finish but it is rather pleasant and moderate … a syrupy appearance and also the review, the barrel was empty? 🙂

It’s really warm, powerful, oily and persistent. May not be put in any hands (see mouth) but very well.




Okay, I’ll be honest, I was not really very positive about this one but in the end it’s a very nice surprise … not the interstellar thing, but for a rum so young (and a big finish, we are ok), he has a lot to say.

After, 79 € I find it still quite expensive unfortunately … I think that 50 € we were more than good.



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