Diamond 2003

It was a long time since I didn’t crack for a big demerara rum… So, « mistakes » fixed now with this Diamond 2003 !

Bottled by Bristol for Corman&Collins/The Auld Alliance, this Diamond 2003 was selected by Hubert Corman.

After the hampden 2001 last year, Hubert could taste several sample from Bristol and he choose this one and a ron from Panama too.

On the first taste of this one, he was in love and knew it was the one.

This Diamond was distilled at Demerara Distillers Limited in 2003 and is from the mark « PMD ». This one is not an official one but from the brockers.

At first view, it could be a big Port Mourant but no more information from now.

Bottled after 15 years of aging, this one reach 58.3% ABV. Only 173 bottles are available.

Not really an El Dorado I know but… yeah, still a fucking great demerara rum !

Color: dark demerara rum is the best way to explain the color and the viscuosity of this rum… I think everybody should understand. If not, it’s dark, caramelized and very oily. We can suppose of big dipper of mollase into the cask.

Nose: typical as dark demerara rum are supposed to be.

Molasses, camphor, glue, licorice, tabaco and grilled smoke. The camphor get this rum really fresh and despite the molasse, it’s not too much for me.

Fruits are there of course with orange, citrus and a sort of English marmelade.

With time, roasting is coming. A sort of « café macchiato », a big creamy moka with brown sugar.

What’s beautifull with this demerara is that Nothing is too much. Everything is in place.

Palate: sweet and smooth desptites the watt. There is peps and no aggression.

Roasted, smoked and grilled aromas are back with caramel, candied orange, tabacco and licorice.

Fruits are more discreet but we can feel some citrus fruits as orange, citrus, mandarin.

The finish is very long on the dark chocolate. This juice is chewing as this rum operate as a gouache in mouth.

Once again, nothing is too much on this « winter demerara »

Price: 157€

Conclusion: behind this mark, it should be Port Mourant but I can’t find all markers from this still.

But with « PMD » on the barrel, it’s quite logical that’s Port Mourant.

For me, it’s a blend Diamond & Port Mourant as velier has done in the past with the monstrous 1995. The one from 1999 was too much on molasses for me.

We have here a big demerara for winter, well shooted with molasses and quite balanced. Marvelous.

Note: 18.5/20

2 thoughts on “Diamond 2003

  1. Dear Roger, thanks for this enthusiastic review! Following up I ordered a bottle but was a little bit confused when reading « Column still » on the cardboard box. The mark hints to Port Mourant and that would not fit. As you have excellent contacts – could you follow up? Thanks and greetings from Vienna!

    1. Hello Joachim,

      thanks for your comment ! As supposed on the article, PMD is the mark from the broker so it’s not 100% sure that PMD means « Port Mourant Dxxx »

      I think it’s, perhaps, a blend of PM and Diamond or only a diamond cause I don’t feel the typical markers from onmy PM.

      There is many possibilities with demerara rum, that I think 100% of independant bottlers have some « mistakes » on label or box. It’s only mistakes due to the difference between brockers marks and official marks.

      Only Velier have on their labels official marks so it’s easier for them.

      I’ll ask to hubert for the mention « Column still ».

      Did you already taste it ? What do you think of it ?

      best regards

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