New section for 2020, I wanted to launch small « fights » between rums … And when I see my sample box, I tell myself that there is a way to make cool matches. Everything is of course to see the differences between two fairly similar rums on paper …

For this premiere, we will have in the left corner, La Mauny Excellence Rhum (ER) Vs La Mauny Chantal Comte (CC) in the right corner.

With respectively 62.8% for the ER and 53.5% for the CC, the two juices are 3 years old and both come from the cellars of the La Mauny in Martinique.

The Excellence Rhum version is a single cask for blending of severals casks at Chantal Comte.


The colors are almost the same, I would say that the ER is slightly darker, but by little.

ER: gold

CC: gold


ER: Marked by wood, tobacco, polish, mokatine, candied fruit with orange at the top, this young rum is robust.

An imposing nose where spices and woodiness reign without being too much. Behind that, there is fresh cane which comes to refresh all as well as some liquorice notes.

Over time, this nose becomes more calm and presents us with more exotic fragrances, particularly with mango.

CC: Fairly marked, too, in the woods, this « Arbre du voyageur » seems to me more subtle and more fruity than the version of Excellence Rhum.

The citrus fruits are there too, but with the lime in addition and always this basket of spices and this fresh cane.

Two very beautiful noses, marked by the wood and the new born but very present interaction between the spirit and the barrel. Chantal Comte seems more elegant where Excellence Rhum will be more delicious and robust.


ER: Despite the 62% of this alcohol, I must say that it goes pretty well! Directly, the wood appears with a rather gourmet woodiness filling a beautiful vanilla enhanced with nutmeg.

I find a very oily, buttery side, lingering on the mocha among other things even if the blood orange and a hint of lime are not far away and allow you to refresh everything.

The length is quite strong, with more roasted and chocolate notes.

CC: Fresh and fruity, the attack is also marked by spices once again and this dry oak.

Citrus fruits with lime and orange, the vegetal side of fresh cane, tobacco, spices are all there for a fairly fresh, roasted and flavored rum.

The woodiness is marked fairly well on the finish with a beautiful dark chocolate.

Once again, Chantal Comte seems to me more subtle, fresher, where excellence Rhum will once again be greedy and creamy. Two excellents rums, clearly.


ER: 89€

CC: 71€


Two excellent products, really. It is very difficult to decide between them because neither of them has faults. The prices are comparable, the age is the same.

Just two slightly different profiles, I would say that my preference goes to Chantal Comte this evening and perhaps for the Excellence Rhum ‘s one next week …

Understand that if I come to your house one day, you can offer me the one you want):


ER: 90/100

CC: 90/100

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