today I propose to you three white rum tasting. Three rums that I would have tasted in three nights, so their profile is exuberant … In short, I made an article on rums White high esters rums (rums, not esters eh) and it stinks in my living room 😅

So, what’s a High Esters rum? Not easy as a question because it involves a lot of things, but basically it will be a rum whose aromatic profile is particularly rich.

As I don’t particularly want to explain the how and the why, so I refer you on the excellent article of Nico and to the article on the Jamaican rums of Cyril.

These two articles will explain to you that these aromatic high profiles come from a long fermentation and the addition of « vinasse » (distillation residues and other spirits) in order to bring out the most non-alcoholic components (whose components aromatics) after distillation.

These components are captured by the master distiller, of course, his role is predominant !

Here for the « technical » part … basically, remember that a rum high esters will be above all a rums very exuberant. These spirits coming mainly from Jamaica, La Réunion and Martinique (1 distillery) among others.

On the menu tonight, a Hampden <> H, a Savanna Lontan and a Gallion great aroma … Come on, it looks rough, courage and honnor !! 🙂

Hampden <> H

Special bottling for Whisky Live, this Hampden <> H from our friends Habitation Velier is a rum « high esters » whose ester level is just below the HLCF for those who know (960gr / hlpa).

So basically, that hits hard holding 66%, this white rum is not to put in all hands …


Patex glue, solvent, well-cooked fruit, olives in brine.

It’s salty, already smoked and animal … That would make it think limit to a piece of raw meat.

Yes I know, it’s special but that’s how I see it Otherwise for the rest, not much else in fact …

the 66% are strangely unobtrusive.


The big green olive, still pickled and significantly less fruit than I expected …

On the other hand it is really drinkable, and that I didn’t expect even less!

The 66% really don’t hit, sweet and creamy . There are traces of nuts and dark oliva on the length crazy enough this thing … Really bluffing.

A light sweetness is also part and adds a greedy touch to the tasting..




I was expecting something diabolical and undrinkable, I am quite surprised at the result even if I will not see myself with 70cl at home.

It’s nice, but it’s still something difficult to enjoy quiet …



Savanna Lontan (lmdw)

Another exclusivity for La maison du Whisky, who definitely like to offer tips that take off the teeth, this Savanna is a great aroma whose fermentation time is particularly long … 15 days! (where AOC farm rums ferment 72 hours max)

Titling 57%, it is already more civilized than the other wild described above … Limited to 1000 bottles.


Eurk …. green olive, anchovy tapenade, brine, bitterness and patex

Really, not engaging this thing. Let’s leave him some time to see if it changes or not.

Time leaves us a creamier nose but still dominated by this aspect brine / glue.

The fruits ? I am still looking for it and I find it hard to detect more things than lemon actually does.


Re eeuuurk, brandy of pickled green olives … it’s just an infamous thing!

I retry a second sip …. arf, not really that’s all wrong. We find more sweetness in the second mouth but it is good too green olives / anchovies.

Even if the lemon confit is not far, it’s anything but pleasant. The 57% are very well integrated.




I do not understand that we dare to bottle things like that, really for me there is no pleasure in it.

Certainly it is a UFO, but frankly I find myself very stupid with the 68 cl that I remain at once.

Some loved it, personally I do not understand the interest.



Latitude Grand Arôme de la Baie du Gallion

Last find of our friend Nico, this great aroma is the only available in Martinique and comes from the candy of the Great Gallion.

It is the result of the distillation of molasses with vinasse ….


Very ripe fruit, green olives, solvent and a sweet side … The fruit turns candied fruits, kind big amarena cherry …

The nose is very rich, very generous and liquoreux. The austere side of the first nose, animal / smoked, pickled, disappears quickly enough to leave this sweet aspect, with limit on one side amareto and its almonds.

Very very rich … Too much? Probably for me, I am less in love with these kind of rums but it is interesting.

The alcohol is super round, it’s pretty well integrated.


More vivid, enough cherry brandy I would say … It’s very fruity, sweet but with the peps of 60 watts

The olive is always there and add a bitter, iodized layer to this fruit basket with cane syrup …

It’s amazing this sweetness, it adds a layer of fat to this mixture of exotic fruits / olives. So the mouth is pretty sweet for a 60% alcohol

Very good but somewhat disgusting in the long run.




Interesting but not my love… After, for a rum high esters, I find it much less wild than I thought, limit pleasure but it’s still a pretty hard thing to taste 😀



Final conclusion

I really Don’t understand why these rums are bottled … it’s interresting but I think those juice are made for cocktail or blends, not for drinking them pure.

But it seems a lot of people like these profil and there is some other well kown white High Esters Rums but I’ve not the courage to taste them all 🙂

* Thanks Daniele Biondi for the photo (Dunder)

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