My exploration into the world of Whisky continues with this pretty little bottle offered by a generous guy. By receiving it, except the « thank you » of use, my first question was « Er, what is it? »

Because except « Single Cask » and a big « 20« , the rest seems rather difficult to decipher at first viewing.

We are in the presence of a 20 year old Yoichi, with a nice 56% and bottled around 2010 I think … so we would be on a drum of the early ‘90s.

Yoichi is a whisky distillery located at … Yoichi and part of Nikka (who also owns Miyagikyo and Ben nevis). This one was created in 1934 by Masataka Taketsuru.

Two of these singles malt were elected « best whisky of the world » in 2001 and 2008 !

Clair comme étiquette non ?

Color: pale gold, fine pearls glide along the glass.

Nose: rather fruity and floral, with apricot, pear among others, this first nose is delicately scented.

The malt is not far either as well as a touch of varnish. A light smoke and a woody end remind us that the juice has still spent 20 years in barrels but nothing exaggerated.

Dried fruits with hazelnut among others and milk chocolate complete this very pleasant nose.

Really nice, the 56% pass alone!

Palate: the palate is lively, oily and opulent I would say ….

Directly the woody, dried fruits and chocolate take a big place but there is still enough for some fruits come to interfere it.

The wood is slightly wet, bitter but it is very far from what a Port Mourant can offer.

Smoke detected on the nose is always present

The 56% bring the peps and the power necessary without causing a loosening of teeth … it is rather fine in fact.

The finish is rather strong on dried fruits.

Price: no damn idea but I can’t imagine that very cheap 🙂

Conclusion: very nice moment with this Yoichi … can be a little too woody in the mouth while the nose had let me glimpse something rather perfumed.

After that, it’s still very well done and overall a very nice moment of tasting.

Note: 88/100

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