A rum from Foursquare, is it me or it’s been a while since I spent too much time on one of their releases? I am nevertheless a big fan of their rums, but indeed I really took my time to put my nose above the novelties … weariness?

Maybe because , we can’t say that Foursquare surprises us a lot. It’s always well done, it’s generally very to my taste but it’s still very often the same frame. We will see if this Plenipotenziario (this name 🙂) will manage to rekindle the flames 🙂

So here we are again in the company of Foursquare in Velier mode tonight, with a far-fetched name but a more classic maturation shall we say … « Just » 12 years in bourbon casks.

Titling a large 60%, this rum has been bottled 6000 times and is still available quite easily at its original price, i.e. + – 140 €.


Beautiful mahogany, really very oily


Very typical Foursquare with wood, candied lemon, mango, banana, a touch of coconut, caramel, a little liquorice, chocolate, tobacco, spices such as pepper and vanilla.

A very concentrated, resinous and warm nose. Quite typical of what can be found at home, with a particularly well integrated alcohol. The 60 % are really melted together.

We’ll come back for finding more surprises, but it’s in any case very well done as always.


Full and warm, the first palate is really very tasty and rich with caramelized, fruity and spicy notes.

Citrus fruits are at the party, well surrounded by more woody notes pulling slightly on dried fruits, vanilla, liquorice, tobacco and milk chocolate, all topped with caramel.

The finish is rather sustained, on notes of tobacco and slightly lemony pepper.




So it’s good, really very good but can be too classic in fact … I really liked this tasting, but I have the impression that too often I fall back into the same Foursquare pattern that I appreciate.

This feeling of « déjà vu » naturally also comes from the far too impressive number of releases over a year.

Whether it’s in the official version, in Velier mode or through independent bottlers, really I find that we see too much of it. That tends to make these really good rums, a little too harmless, and that’s not good.

But it is clearly a great success!



Find this rhum on RumTastingNote by clicking the link below

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