If there is one Jamaican distillery that has succeeded in taking the plunge into official bottlings, it is Worthy Park and its constantly evolving range since its reopening in 2005 after 43 years of forced inactivity.

After the white Rum Bar, the classic worthy park estate made up of rums aged between 6 and 10 years, the various finishes, here appeared last year a 12-year-old version of the 2006 vintage at 56%.

In the meantime, quite a few « semi official » versions via Habitation Velier have appeared with different marks each time as well as a first official single cask for lmdw.

In other words, things are happening with our Jamaicans in Worthy Park! Along with Appleton, it is the most extensive official range currently from Jamaica, although Hampden is in the process of following the same path.


Pale gold, slightly orange …


Directly, a very pastry nose is offered to us with beautiful traces of vanilla, brioche all associated with rather acid fruits such as green apple and beautiful citrus fruits … The banana is present, almost roasted and caramelized, it is super generous in fact.

Chocolate, menthol and woody notes soon make their appearance, bringing more character and robustness to the whole … not far from an After Eight.

A very nice nose, quite generous and complex without exploding in all directions. Nice overall balance, I like it a lot!


The palate is round and oily at will, on tracers more Empyreumatic with mocha, oak, spices but always accompanied by this banana and its lot of citrus fruits.

We find in disorder the toast, licorice, blood orange, menthol, vanilla, leather, lemon, pepper and a slight trace of olives.

There is just the right amount of energy and power for it to be a great length without pulling out the back teeth 🙂

Very nice balance and great complexity!




Very nice bottling, all finesse and complexity … I really like it!

So don’t look for jamaican extreme high esters rum of course, the goal is to sell it so the style is rather « mainstream » we would say … understand, it’s not an 86% DOK 🙂

On the other hand, 120 € it is not very cheap I find. To compare with an Appleton 12, we are still talking about almost 70 € difference.

So ok, let’s stay calm, I know very well that Appleton has a much greater strike force and that this version is 10% more alcohol, but it still makes a budget for a 12 year old …

Nevertheless, a very nice rum that I strongly recommend!



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  1. Where can I purchase this in Canada. I am in Ontario, can have it shipped

    1. Really difficult to say in facts 🙁

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