Sometimes in life, the evidence may be in front of you, weirdly we miss certain implacable things … and that, without the slightest explanation in the end. It’s just like this…

This will have been my case with the 12 year old Dillon …. The number of times I have passed in front of this bottle without even looking at it. And yet, on paper, this rum still has a nice curriculum vitae! Rhum agricole from AOC Martinique, 12 years of age, 45% and less than 50 € !!

At a time when rum prices are literally increasing, this « little » Dillon remains squarely attached to the prices of the end of the past century… for the design too, It’s clearly not a sexy bottle, and it’s probably the main cause of my outrageous « disinterest ».

So, on the good advice of my wine merchant, I decide one day to crack and offer me this bottle filled with nostalgia … And then a 12 year old rhum agricole at this price, it’s really nice !


Dark mahogany


Perfumed, this is clearly the least we can say … I find everything I like in Martinique Rhum!

The fruits with a beautiful citrus marmalade, apricots intermingled with a fine woodiness and these notes of liquorice, tobacco, roasted dried fruits

It’s fresh, with a slight hint of eucalyptus and an ever-present cane.

Over time, the nose offers us even more perfume with delicate scents of rose among other things … it is really a beautiful rum perfume that I love.

A really top nose, very soft and sensual.


The mouth is particularly soft, while having the pep necessary to have a certain structure in the mouth.

The wood is much more present than on the nose with its notes of tobacco and chocolate. Vanilla and wax bring a more delicious layer to the whole.

The finish, medium, offers us more fruity always with this woody and tannic structure while remaining beautiful and sweet …

The 45% are very well integrated, this choice to be higher than the ‘classic’ 43% is rather judicious, even if this rum goes out can be a little quickly all the same …




A stunning quality / price , this 12 year old Dillon clearly does much more than the job for a rum offered at 50 €.

So yes, the length is not particularly crazy but the 45% bring the desired power in my case … The nose is just superb, beautifully perfumed for a mouth more marked by the wood.

But clearly, having this bottle seems to me to be of implacable logic for any fan of agricultural rum !



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