Black Tot

Black tot

Many years ago, the sailors of the Royal navy received every day a little « sip » of rum, just to give themselves courage and « strength » … This tradition lasted nearly 300 years and finished on July 31, 1970, the date of the last ration was given on board English ships. This day took the name of « Black Tot Day ».

On July 31, 2010, an « original » version from the 1970s appeared on the market. It had been kept in a stone jar since December 1970 and under customs control. This version, « Black Tot Last Consignation » costs a lot and doesn’t seem to particularly be amazing. Personally I have never tasted it but it doesn’t really surprise me.

The purpose of this product was above all to please sailors on a boat, not to try to get 94/100 on whiskyfun 🙂

2020, Elixir Distillers offers us a modern version of this one with a blend of rums from Barbados, Guyana and Jamaica …. yes, no Caroni because the goal is to sell this for not too expensive (and in large quantity if possible)

Proposed therefore at just under 50 euros, this blend grading 46.2% is therefore intended to be an authentic rum, without additions, and above all not too difficult to access. The goal is probably to sell pallets and try to offer nice alternatives to other junk illegally called rum.

We see the strength of marketing with great packaging, a great story and a lot of buzz around this other « caribbean blend » …


Rather clear, we are more on gold than mahogany … far from what the last consignment could have looked like.

The legs fall back quickly enough to leave large traces along the glass.


Directly I come to Jamaica with smoky, a light olive and fruit with a candied agrume.

It is rather fresh and greedy …. you can feel a leather side, brown sugar which adds a certain heaviness to the assembly and which probably comes from the demerara used for the blend.

Barbados is also quite present with its fruity and this grilled coconut that can be found in the rums from this island.

The nose is rather pleasant, the 46% are light but there is some pep and the whole is rather coherent.


The mouth is rather sweet but still retains the power needed to avoid falling into a too sweet side.

We find this brown sugar, some traces of solvent, roasted coffee, light chocolate, smoky and much less fruit than on the nose even if the lime is still present and the coconut still there. But it is the toasted notes that take the place.

We will even have a herbaceous side, medicinal in fact which adds a lot of freshness and lightness.

This impression of sweetness remains rather tenacious, I imagine that the Demerara had to be « charged » during the assembly, but in the end it is a bit part of the concept too I think. It doesn’t shock me personally.




Nice blend of English tradition as there are many others in fact .. I read here and there that this one was totally useless, I admit I don’t understand this judgment too much, it has as much its place as another for me.

The only difference is the marketing force around this, we clearly feel that behind that, there is heavy and I imagine that the side « friendly and passionate blender » takes a hit but this should not be taken into account .

So yes, it is good and as much start in the world of rum by coming face to face with this pretty label and this beautiful highlight before trying other less glorious things.

And for 50 €, really we are not stolen …



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