Category: Rum

3 October 2019 0

Caroni Bristol

By Roger

For the more assiduous of you, you will have noticed for a long time that my tastes are directed more…

18 September 2019 0

Caroni Employees 2019

By Roger

As previously announced, each year will see its release Caroni Employees, these famous bottlings highlighting former workers of the late…

16 September 2019 0

Hampden 1983-1989

By Roger

In my article about a 35-year-old Hampden, I concluded with the fact that the longer these spirits were old, the…

5 September 2019 0

Savanna Unshared Cask

By Roger

New bottling this evening with a sample of the last Savanna selected by Rum Artesanal for Germany: the “Savanna Unshared…