Caroni Employees

I recently had the honor to talk to the Velier’s boss, Luca Gargano, about the first two bottlings of the new Caroni series, “Employees”. A good hour of exciting discussion later, here I am with a whole lot of notes and anecdotes. Here is the summary of everything. Hello Luca and thank you for calling me from Genova tonight. First of all, congratulations for your 2018 Golden Rum Barrel Awards for “The International Rum Advocate […]

Caroni 1996 22yo

What a pleasure to find on the morning at work, a sample of the last Caroni 1996 series Employees. That’s good start to the day! This one was sent to me by Oliver Scars who participated with Luca Gargano in the blending of the 5 casks to bring us this 1996 vintage as well as a 1998 of 20 years. They seem happy 🙂 I also find it brilliant, from the boss of Velier, to […]

Uitvlugt 1991

Back in the region of Demerara with the Uitvlugt 1991 from Rasta Morris, new bottler in the world of rum. Yes, Rasta Morris is the “Rum” version of the Belgian Whiskey bottler, Asta Morris, to whom we owe Chichibu, Caol Ila, Glen Keith and so on. Here, it is the very last baby of Bert that I propose you, a venerable uitvlugt aged 26, distilled in 1991 and grading 58.8% of alcohol. Thanks to […]

Rivière de Mât 2006

Like many people in the french community, I became interested in cane juice thanks to “La confrérie du rhum” a few years ago now. This group brings me, in addition to learning a lot of things, to meet nice guys. People with whom I share a lot of good times and discussions. So, I was very happy to be offered by Benoit, its creator, a sample of the last vintage of la confrérie, Rivière du […]

Del Cassou 1994 Ledaig

Back to the encantada but with something a little less classic than usual. A Del Cassou 1994, we already know and love (the one from 1992 that I tasted for sure), but here with a finish in barrel containing whiskey ledaig. In theory, it’s quite special but hey, after all why not. I just hope it will not be as intense as the HSE Islay finish. But for the moment, I’m in mode “need to […]

HSE Parcellaire “Canne d’or”

White rum is still the basis and I love to go back to it from time to time … especially with agricole white rums. And here is just a nice novelty from Martinique, the HSE Parcellaire “Canne d’or”. In terms of white rum, HSE does not have much to envy to his colleagues … vintage whites are just monstrous with this slow reduction time that can be counted in years. This time gives very sweet […]

The Wild Parrot

New bottler in the small rum world, The Wild Parrot is an association between Stefano Cremaschi (The Whisky Roundabout) and Andrea Ferrari (Hidden Spirit). They propose elegant single cask with stunning art from Giulia Ronchetti, a young italian artist. Hampden, Caroni, Travellers, Uitvlugt, Diamond… All these bottlings were a big success for multiple reasons. Here is a small interview to understand them.. Hello Stefano, thanks for accepting this interview… Could you explain us the concept behing […]

Caroni 1989

Back to Caroni this evening… but with a special one, the favourite of John Barrett himself: The 1989 vintage from bristol Classic Rum. Bottled in 2008, so 19 years after the distillation, this caroni was slowly aged from 1989 in the Warehouse of the old closed distillery. I was 10 years old… it look like stupid but I was playing GI Joe with friends during the time guys were working on it. If cobra knews… […]

Caroni, The buzz

If there is a rum that stirs passions in recent years, it is the former distillery Caroni …. Well or bad, everyone speaks about it. So ok… but what’s the fu*** with Caroni ?? Caroni, in addition to being a distillery, was above all a huge refeniry that had belonged to different groups to finish property of the state of Trinidad. The molasses, resulting from the transformation of cane into sugar, were distilled directly on […]

Florent Beuchet

La compagnie des Indes is a well known french bottler since 5 years now. Having some of their bottlings, take my phone and have a talk with Florent, his owner, was logic. Here is what we discuss together…. in a home-made translation 🙂 Hello Florent, no need to present you, everybody here on this blog knows who you are. But could you explain us the new bottlings ? Of course, there will be high proof, […]

La Perle Brute

Last created distillery in Martinique, A1710 is growing in the world of agricol rums. Impleted at “Le Simon”, they decided to produce pure canne juice rum but without the AOC. They distilled their rums in a pot still with a small column called “La belle Alice”. On their panel, 3 olds blended rums from caraïbes and a white rum called “La Perle”. This one is divided in 4 itérations: On classic “La Perle” at 54.5%. […]

Trois Rivières 2005 Cuvée Bèlè

Hubert Corman is one of the Trois Rivière’s collector best known in the world of rum.  To have a private bottling was something logic but strangly we had to wait until now. In december, the wait is over, the Trois Rivières 2005 will be available through his shop and some other resselers in Europe. After some discussion with 3R, a meeting was planned with Hubert and Daniel Baudin during the rhumfest in Paris. 3 samples […]

The Antigua Distillery 2012 (SC)

New tasting with the last bottling for the anniversay of Velier, the Antigua 2012 Single cask. As you know perhaps, antigua distillery is the home of the well known English harbour. During a visit at the distillery for preparing the anniversary’s bottling, Luca was informed that 27 cask were set aside. Due to a technical problem, these cask had an esters rate too high for their blends. Luca love these kind of things and taste […]

Hampden 2009 DOK

This time, big tasting with the first bottling of “Letter of Marque” from my neighbour and friends ” d’outre rhin”. First selection from them with the assistance of The Rum Cask, they deceide to choose something special. Result: An Hampden from 2009 at 66 abv. They could do it simple but they select a DOK mark from this great Jamaican distillery. The highest ester concentration allowed by jamaica. This mark is generaly used for blendings […]

John Barrett

Do you know Bristol Classic Rum ? Hope for you, if not I advice you to check their catalogue, there is a lot of very interresting things as old demerara, caroni, Jamaican, … Here is a small interview of John Barrett, the director of Bristol Classic Rum.  Cyril from Durhum had already made an interview of mr Barrett some years ago, You can view it on his blog. For this one, I tried to ask […]

Caroni Replica

This evening, tasting of something new: The Caroni Replica, specialy bottled for the 100th anniversary of Caroni. In 1918 the Caroni distillery begins to produce rum mainly used for assembling the famous British Navy Rum. This rum was never sold as an official Bottling except some rare versions as the one from 1940 by Tale & Lile Group. This replica is based on it. Same bottle, same labels, same proof and an 18 years old […]