It had been some time since I had stopped looking at a blend of Florent Beuchet, boss of the dynamic Compagnie des Indes. Error repaired with this amazing Kaiman!

Surprising? yes little because making a blend of a guadeloupe rum put in barrels in 1973 with a blend demerara / Jamaica from 1993 …. the demerara being him a blend of Uitvlugt, Enmore, Port Mourant. The idea of this blend is really « what the fuck ?? ».

But hey, why not after all, Florent having already accustomed us to a lot of experiments !

The exact DNA of this blend follows the following proportions: 72.2% from Guadeloupe 1973 and 27.8% from Guyana / Jamaica 1993. 500 bottles in wooden boxes will have been produced at 46%.


Dark mahogany , relatively oily.


Pastry, fruity on mango and pineapple, pritt glue stick, olive, candle wax

The first nose rather transports me to the side of Jamaica in fact but over time, there are more notes from Guyana and mainly large Enmore.

It is spicy, subtle toasted, it becomes heavier over time on licorice, candied fruit, slightly burnt caramel, a slight oakiness, milk chocolate.

A very soft nose that evolves from funky to heavy Guyanese … but while remaining fine and elegant. Nothing overwhelming or disgusting to report.


Soft and oily, there are slight traces of olive, fruit, vanilla and that side which I always equate to Demerara with licorice, cooked caramel, leather and molasses among others.

The Guadeloupe ? maybe this chic side to the rum that I often find at Courcelles but nothing more, and without knowing if it is a Courcelles or other.

The wood is more marked than on the nose with some toasted notes, but it remains light… astonishing, moreover, compared to the average age of the juices !

The finale brings us back to Jamaica with the pineapple to close the loop and a more typical bitterness of Port Mourant chocolate.




A blend strongly marked by Demerara, I think fans of this type of rum should greatly appreciate this bottling.

Guadeloupe ? Boh, it must be present but I admit that it is mainly the two English rums that I find…. Maybe it is in the balance and elegance of the juice, which is not always the case with a big enmore and a beautiful Jamaican 🙂

In any case, you had to dare the blend, I would say it is successful but on the other hand it is not given at all 🙁



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