At the end of 2019, Gaëtan announced here the nature of his first rum bottling, a blend of two 7-year-old Jamaican distilleries in partnership with la Compagnie des Indes.

At the beginning of 2020, I propose to lay out a small article for you on the said thing after having bought it and cracked it … yes, am one like that me :).

So back this evening on the first rum bottled for Watch smell taste & having fun, the “multi distilleries 2012”.

Coming from Clarendon distilleries (New Yarmouth) and a « totally » secret that I imagine to be Worthy Park, this blend is ages of 7 years old and has spent the last two years in a barrel containing a rum from Travelers in Belize. …

7 years spent together? I don’t think, in my opinion the two were « blended » two years ago in the famous barrel of Belize.

Measuring 55%, this rum will have been bottled 120 times to the delight of our friend Gaëtan’s soiffards!

Finally, it has been a long time since our Guru has been thinking about this kind of bottling, a good number of samples from la compagnie des Indes will have been tasted in order to find THE barrel that pleased of the team.

Le « Watch »

Beautiful golden rum, I expected more clear at the sight of the beast’s CV. it is very beautiful.

Le « Smell »

Fruits first with pineapple, lemon, banana then some notes of solvents, vanilla, gray pepper and olive. Suivent ensuite le chocolat blanc, un fin boisé, du massepain, un côté beurré et enfin des épices.

Very pleasant on the nose, it is rather fresh and fragrant.

This smell of marzipan is really nice and suddenly less usual, it adds a layer of gluttony to this very funky / sour rum.

The passage in barrels of travelers has certainly complicated the juice, very good choice of Florent!

Le « Taste »

A lively start with butter, fruit and this ever-present pineapple, a more woody touch on tobacco, chocolate, spices, almonds.

The wood is more marked in the mouth than in the nose, the marriage with the acid and fruity side is really well balanced.

A rather greedy mouth where the passage in casks of Travelers will have greatly helped this blend. It’s very nice, with a lot of pep without being too much and this pastry side that never falls into disgust.

We are entitled to smoke, toasted in retro olfaction, confirming that we are of course big Jamaican.

Le « Price »


La « Conclusion »

Although not particularly fan of the acidity of the New Yarmouths, I must admit that this blend will have hit the mark … the passage in travelers’ barrels will have given this blend a nice pastry aspect.

The choice of the reduction to 55% is rather nice too, it leaves us a lot of pep but without being completely out of control. Pleasure remains the watchword of this blend.

In addition, the price is really nice … well, it’s still a relatively young rum so I don’t think we should have gone higher, but lately it’s not what bothers bottlers / selectors the most . It is therefore fashionable to welcome the initiative 🙂

La « Note »


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