La Favorite 2019 « Les Frères de la Côte »

In July 2018, the fields of La Favorite are filled with sugar cane and harvests, made entirely by hand, are going well. The distillation is done as always a few days after the harvest, grinding and fermentation. .

February 2019, 5 oak barrels are filled with some of this precious nectar after 7 months of rest to be embarked in the schooner « Tres Hombres » for a 6-month long trip to Europe. During these 6 months, the juice will be cradled with the sandstone of the movements of the sea, expressing a dynamic aging in the barrel and therefore a much more intense contact with the wood.

September 2019, bottled in Saint Etienne (not housing huh!) By the team of « Les frères de la Côte » in the traditional bottles of the famous distillery. And all with an ecological impact as low as possible … what does the people want !?! 🙂

So here we are with a white rum aged 6 months in oak casks and proposed to 50.3% with his little mignonnette version « pure »…


« Pure » version: crystalline

Dynamic Aging: Straw


Pure version: Very round to the nose, greedy and this clear affiliation with the favorite. The perfumes intertwine with iodized, fruity and vegetal touches.

Smells of cane sugar syrup come to our noses and bring roundness and greed while the spices whose pepper in the head takes us back to something more « earthy ».

Dynamic Aging : The pepper comes out quickly enough with this woody already so characteristic of the cellars of the distillery.

The cool suddenly took a hit, it’s obviously not stuffy but it starts to get a little dull a little.

The rather typical « dust » side is already there, the milk chocolate, some hints of camphor, spices and the sugar of battery.

The fruits are still present with lemon and some other citrus including orange.


Pure version: The palate is fresh, lively, vegetal and oily. The 53% bring power and a structure to the whole.

The sweetness of a syrup add generosity, the fruit a little lush and the finish is on fresh cane and pepper.

Dynamic aging : The palate is already fuller, with nice fruity, caramelized, floral notes and a fine woody taste that in a few months will have already taken up space.

The chocolate is once again very present, it stings slightly and the whole is rather coherent.

It is rather pleasant and successful without being the pinnacle of tasting …




So obviously, this is clearly not a great tasting rum pure as can be the vintages of the distillery, but there are clearly the markers of this one.

It’s still young but very pleasant and a new woody nice enough to discover I would say that the hardy « paille » (the one of Jean Claude) is not far in the mind actually … With more power here.

Basically, I taste it in « ti vieux » and it goes really very well too!

A nice thing for next time, a mignonnette with the same juice in white AND 6 months in Martinique in the same type of barrel 🙂


84/100 … .. and a good 90/100 for the « principle » even if it is obviously only a small drop in the ocean.

This concept of « almost » zero emissions is really nice and clearly deserves to take the time to look into it.

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