Back to leGus’t where we stayed on a very nice impression with the two previous bottlings, his « demeroni » that make quite good vibes …

So this day is the last declination of these demerara’s « Caroni style », always with the version « full proof » and another « optimum proof » wich is the one that would be the most enjoyable tasting for the bottler.

Optimum Proof (58.8%)

Thanks le Gus’t

Color: pale gold, rather oily

Nose: very fruity, on orange, vanilla, caramel and brown sugar … and a hint of garage oil 🙂

This nose is rather generous despite the 58 watts of this version and remains very greedy and pastry chef.

Affiliation with the late Trinidad distillery is still there.

Palate: Bold, oil, dirty, vanilla, fruits, almonds, pear, apple, wood.

It’s very sweet, creamy, on citrus fruits, vanilla and a fine oak. Notes of spices such as nutmeg are also present as well as a hint of licorice.

Price: 145 €

Conclusion: a beautiful caroni … er a beautiful demerara pleasure, greedy and generous. Very simple and pleasant to taste, I really like the work and the care given to the reduction. Well done guys !

Score: 88/100

Full Proof (65.7%)

Merci le Gus’t

Color: substantially the same as the optimum version.

Nose: quite closed to the first nose, the one opens after a few minutes on the fruits with lemon, clementines, orange, and a big burnt caramel.

Spices including nutmeg are also present but more discreet.

The power is here more restrictive and alcohol is actually quite present.

Palate: caroni full with oil, hydrocarbons, stewed fruit, wood with a slight astringency in the finish.

Crazy length on dark chocolate, licorice.

Price: 162 €

Conclusion: nice full proof version but still much less pleasant to tasting than the optimum … if I had to crack it would be clearly for the reduced version that brings more elegance and softness.

In all cases, two very beautiful products …

Note: 86/100

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