A small detour to a relatively new independent bottler in the world of rum, That Boutique -Y Rum Company.

Their range is rather rich, my choice stopped on 4 samples with 2 on my target. Their Caroni and the O Reizinho 3 years old.

One demerara and one jamaican completing the order, « au vogelpik » 🙂

Diamond 13 yo (Versailles)

Funny, putting my nose above the rum without having checked the label of the sample, I said to myself « ça pue bon le Versailles cette histoire »

So in fact, yes it’s a versailles with 56.1% abv and aged during 13 years.

Color: white wine

Nose: buttered, fruity with banana, pineapple and a side toast.

On the nose, it has false airs of Jamaicans with a touch of Olive that comes with all these fresh fruits and wood.

Palate: argh, directly the typical woody bitterness PM / Versailles at the entrance of mouth …. shit it starts very bad for me, I hate these kind of flavours.

This wet wood, eurk it does not work at all. The fruits and a roundness brought by the buttered side … And this stubborn bitterness …

Price: 75€ (50cl)

Conclusion: not fan at all, but it’s only due to personnal feelings with these kind of profile.

People in loved with these kind of demerara should loves

Score: 82/100 but not really representative… so 86/100 I suppose 🙂

Monymusk 13yo

One monymusk, it took a time ! Here, 13 years old too and with 55.4% abv

It should be noted that after 10 years in its cask, this one was re-filed in another one containing rum before. Don’t know why… but why not.

Color: white wine

Nose: Herbal, buttered, fruity, we find apple, pear, pineapple, it’s rather funky but without being too much.

Palate: very jamaican … it’s very stupid but it’s like that 🙂

Pineapple is rather ‘acid’, butter, coconut, pepper, grilled and a light wood.

I would even find a good side of peanut butter in fact … that’s what it sounds like in any case.

Price: 69€

Conclusion: A well done monymusk, not the more waw rum in the world but good one…

Score: 86.5/100

O Reizinho 3 yo

We find o Reizinho with pleasure. This time, aged during 3 years on ex
madeira cask and with 52.6%

Color: dark … too much for a 3 year old? We must look at the side of the cask of madeira I think.

Nose: generous, sweet, caramel salted butter, banana, camphor, honey, vegetal olive on the cane

Palate: creamy, generous and just as sweet, floral, plant … we’re not far from a « ti vieux » in fact so it’s nice. The sweet toffee is present and brings a lot of roundness.

Price: 50€

Conclusion: Very good surprise for this O(ld) Reizinho who kept character with generous feeling.

I like a lot, really good ones too !

Score: 88/100

Caroni 20 yo

Caroni vintage 1998 grading 53.7%, it has been refiled in 2017 in a barrel that contained rum previously.

Would it be an habit from That Boutique ??

Color: mahogany

Nose: hydrocarbon, oil, burnt caramel, chocolate, dried fruit, eucalyptus, some stewed fruit, tobacco.

Palate: classic Caroni, with a nice hydrocarbon kick, burnt caramel, eucalyptus, and even fruit stewed with banana and blood orange.

The very dark chocolate finish is a little drying and sustained.

Price: 175€

Conclusion: a relatively classic Caroni. No big surprises, neither good nor bad in fact.

Score: 87/100

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