Ma part des anges

Focus on an association well knows in the world of spirits, and rum in particular, I want of course talk about « Ma part des anges »

Born from the imagination of Cyril Weglarz and Marc Olivreau, this association aims to raise funds through the auction of samples of very prestigious bottles of rum.

The totality of these gains being, of course, donated to various associations.

Here is what I’ve discused with these two « white knights » 🙂

Hi guys, in order to present things to everybody, could you shortly tell me the history of the association? How did this happen and why?

The Ma Part Des Anges association is an extension of Cyril’s personal approach.

Indeed he already had the habit of making nice splits where he donated the funds to charities.

It’s early in 2017 that Cyril offers me to join him in the creation and the outcome of this beautiful idea.

On February 10, 2017, Ma Part Des Anges came out of the barrel.

Luca Gargano and Christine Lambert are your « godfather and godmother », here is a very beautiful proof of recognition and seriousness of your association. How did it go?

We had thought of members of our families or the neighbor’s dog as a mascot, but finally in a natural way, the choice of Christine and Luca was a symbol.

Ethics and fairness, two beautiful people who shed light on the most beautiful sides of our passion.

And we will not hide it, a godmother and a godfather like that,it’s just crazy and it must surely reassure some actors in their donation process.

Speaking of support, most bottles are gifts from organizations or individuals, which makes this moment of sharing even more beautiful. Are you overwhelmed by the bottles? This must involve a lot of management all the same.

We had the chance to start our prospecting process with a nice gift from Cyrille Hugon, leaving us free access to his pro file.

After a few phone calls and mailing, the first bottles began to arrive. We were quickly surprised by the spontaneous efforts of private individuals and professionals, friends, complete strangers.

After two years of existence, we have enough for many sales but the goal is obviously to propose things a little different and exciting each time.

But the barrels of Saint James 1884 and the 1954 Skeldon still take up a little space. 🙂

We will restart the machine to find a little stock even if we still have beautiful references to offer. We can already announce the upcoming sale of a wonderful gift box HSE 1998 offered by another Cyril.

For the management part, we divide the stock , an Excel file to follow that and to each his organization to store the precious bottles.

With your operating principle, you must be the only ones to find the crazy prices of some bottles positive. What do you think of all this as an enthusiast?

There was a tendency to say that the phenomenon of speculation was once again having a positive impact, by making bottle flasks become almost inaccessible today.

For very rare references see unique it has reinforced us in our idea and over sales we have nevertheless noticed that there was finally a price for drinking and a price for collectible / formwork.

Good news, it costs less to drink!

The sale of unique Demerara explodes the slightest logic, direct testimony of the link between passion and madness (Magnificent madness moreover)

For the moment, you are only focused on the samples that are related to rums of exceptions … Why not open this to other types of spirits?

Rum is our common point, the one that allowed us to know each other first, through our shared passion.

Since the creation of the association, it was mentioned the fact of being able to integrate in the following other spirits, why not a little cereals or grapes in this world of cane.

One thing is certain, we will never refuse a beautiful and good bottle.

In terms of staffing, have you other helpers or is everything managed only by both of you? (sampling, photo, admin facebook / ebay, fundraising, send etc.)

Everything is managed by us two, with the moral and spelling assistance of our respective companions.

In our efforts, we were happy to be accompanied by people with unfailing generosity, for the creation of our logo, for some elements of communications, translations, even EBay gave us the good surprise to offer us the whole selling expenses.

And it is without forgetting the irreplaceable help of all donors, which is the cornerstone of our operation.

Last question, how do you see the future of the association? Would you like to go out of the auction / raffle canvas and offer us a vintage, for example, Ma part Des Anges ? With you two, it should be a huge selection in addition

We stop at the million donation !!! 🙂

More seriously it is also one of the reasons of our « assiduous » rhythm, we want to view this association on the long term.

It’s a tiny stone in the building of solidarity.

For the rest everything is open in our minds, the future will tell us may be more.

How do you choose the associations for which you are launching a « campaign »?

The associations have for the moment been chosen according to our common sensibilities, we try to put everyone in place « his » list of associations based on rather subjective criteria.

Big / medium and small asso, but especially with a desire to give back the vast majority of donations. We even leave the door open to donors to give us some leads.

Although some are very active and effective, they ignore all political or religious associations.

Something to add ?

We are going to wish each other good things to finish, a long life at Roger’s Blog and long life to all the beautiful actions that abound in our little environment of amateurs not always enlightened.

I also take the opportunity to make my perfect seller seller by offering the latest white t-shirts « Ma Part Des Ange » before launching a new series.

Rest: ⁃ S * 1 ⁃ M * 1 ⁃ L * 1 ⁃ XL * 2 ⁃ 2XL * 2 ⁃

Thank you Laurent Roger and the pleasure of meeting you and your readers on our auctions !

Thank you and good luck, your are greats guys!

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