Scoring some juice…

During the last 21 months, this blog was expanded with a lot of tasting notes, interviews and articles…These tasting notes, I’ll cut them in 2 categories: « Historic » and « regular« .

The Historic ones are for unicorn as caroni 1974, Chantal comte 80 etc… I won’t score them cause there is too much emotions regarding these juice. So I’ll only say what I feel during the tasting.

For the regulars ones, those « easily » foundable, a simple scoring on 20 points should be a better way to explain directly if I like or not.

To that, I ‘ll add what costs a point because for me it is important for the reader. I will base myself on the prices I can see in general.

A foursquare 2005 would not have to be ashamed of a caroni 1996 employees. The rating would not be very far in any case, but we still talk about a price 6 times less. This is important !

best exemple of terrific price for astomish rum 🙂 (59€)

Of course these ratings remain relatively subjective, but have the merit of being clear on what I think of a juice.

As an another blogger told me, « It’s time to show your balls Roger ! »  Which means in fluent French « N’hésite pas à donner ton avis, il compte aussi’ or something of the style.

I must admit that my interview with Serge finished convincing me … Saying clearly that I don’t like something will serve to understand when I say that another is very good.

But don’t think I’ll try to revolutionize the world of scoring, it will be as usual with me, without unnecessary quibbles.

See you soon !

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