What a pleasure to find on the morning at work, a sample of the last Caroni 1996 series Employees. That’s good start to the day!

This one was sent to me by Oliver Scars who participated with Luca Gargano in the blending of the 5 casks to bring us this 1996 vintage as well as a 1998 of 20 years.

They seem happy 🙂

I also find it brilliant, from the boss of Velier, to propose to an unconditional fan (remember caroni days) to come and test his differents barrels with him for making the best possible blend.

As for the series Employees, an interview of Luca is in the tube, it should soon appear on these pages … Personally I find the concept awesome!

So we are entitled to a beautiful Caroni 22 years old fully in the tropics in Trinidad and grading a big 66.8%.

Limited to 1192 bottles, all missing from the shelves (virtual or not) of our wine merchants. But it remains full on eBay and facebook if ever … Strange 🙂

Thanks Olivier !

Color: Superb mahogany, old waxed furniture. The 22 years have superbly done their job, this rum is beautiful

Nose: Ho it’s hot, concentrated, greedy and fruity … There are a lot of things going on in there.

First of all we have a beautiful mocha, vanilla, fruit well compote with cherry, mango, red fruits and ripe banana.

This Caroni would almost look like Bielle 2001 Kirsch actually … Don’t cry , it’s just what I think 🙂

Menthol, a light smoke, leather and burnt caramel follow and gives a more animal side. Yes, it stinks very good and I love it!

This fruity, caramelized blend … it’s just love. Violent indeed, but love 🙂

On blind mode, not sure caroni I would find Caroni…

Palate: Fruits, dark chocolate powder, vanilla, crème brûlée,black peper …

Fruity again with cherry, mango, apricot well stewed. The rose flower (or something of the style, as in the 92 FP actually) comes to bring us beautiful floral perfumes.

The 66% are really well integrated, so it certainly heats but it does not hurt.

The finish is rather dry on bitter dark chocolate … and very very long…

Price: ouch … well there we arrive in spheres quite complicated because we still talk about 390 €.

We won’t talk about it, I think that if I was them, I would do the same.

It is quite logical given the current prices to sell such a product such a sum.

Anyway, it would have been sold 190€, that the 390 € would still be the current price for the one who did not find it. Velier has just skip a step.

Conclusion: well this blend of 5 barrels Caroni vintage 1996 is a very great achievement.

A nice balance for a caroni profile hyper lush and greedy. Without too many touches of tar but leaving plenty of room for tropical fruits and a woody all to be mastered.

A Heavy Rum Pleasure, definitely the 1996 Caroni are all superb.Still a little reading?

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