Last created distillery in Martinique, A1710 is growing in the world of agricol rums.

Impleted at « Le Simon », they decided to produce pure canne juice rum but without the AOC. They distilled their rums in a pot still with a small column called « La belle Alice ».

On their panel, 3 olds blended rums from caraïbes and a white rum called « La Perle ». This one is divided in 4 itérations:

  • On classic « La Perle » at 54.5%. It’s the second vintage for now.
  • The « renaissance » one in a beautifull carafe at 52%.
  • 2 bios with two differents sorts of canne.
  • The full proof one at 66%, called « La Perle Brute » (tasted today).

For the small story, they tell us that the canne juice is from a parcel of Mr Octave at some kilometers from the distillery. It adds an authentic feeling that I like.

When I receive the bottle, I immediatly wanted taste it…. and it was total disappointment. Lot of yeast, iodine and no fruits at all. Aaaargh !!

But some days later, I decide to test once again… Everybody deserves a second chance 🙂

Realy nice bottle isn’t it ?

Color: Cristalline white… seems logic for me, it’s a white rum 🙂

Nose: With the wait of some days, yeast are gone… first good news !

Fresh canne remember directly that’s a true agricole rhum, it smells very good and fresh ! Flowers emerge then and give us a great pleasant perfume.

Fruits are well represented whith the green banana, pineapple, red fruits, peer.

A small iodine side is there but not as much as the first time… it’s clearly more discreet. This is nearly the same as some HSE whites rums.

Very pleasant nose I’m reassured ! The alcohol is really sweet, good point !

Palate: the first sip is sharp but not agressive, don’t forget it’s 66% ! 

The iodine is there once again but with some lime perfume… So it’s not too much and it makes good.

A small hit of light caramel adds an ronds aspect of this full proof white rum.

Fruits are still present but less fresh than the nose. It reminds me a kind of clairin as Sajou can do it. It’s with past fruits in the burning sun of the tropics.

The rum is very good one, fresh and pleasant to drink pure. 

Price: 45€ 

Conclusion: I like this rum and I’m very happy to let it a second chance…

Never judge a spirit from the first sip of the bottle, it wont represented all the true qualities of the juice.

Now, I want to test their bio line ! 🙂

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