New bottling this evening with a sample of the last Savanna selected by Rum Artesanal for Germany: the « Savanna Unshared Cask« . This single cask is a traditional rum, molasses and distilled in column, aged for 14 years in Reunion in an old barrel of Cognac.

Limited to 669 bottles of 50 cl, this spirits title to 53.6% of alcohol, which reassures me because I’m not too fan of Savanna who are too high in fact

Second reassuring point, it is a traditional, which should be more suitable for me than a big Lontan stuffed with esters, even if they are far from bad, of course … the older ones in any case


beautiful mahogany / orange


Directly there are some traces of solvents, caramel, citrus fruits, bananas, a hint of cherry, vanilla and grilled dried fruits …. and the rum gum 🙂

It’s very sweet, oily, sweet even if you feel that the 53 watts add a nice peps to the whole. A buttered side, brioche is also there.

The brown sugar, the sweet grapes follow then to finish this very charming nose.

The 14 years in barrels have not been too long, the traces of wood are obviously present, but without taking over.

Really fan of this nose, very sweet and fragrant without beeing in too much excess. Very balanced, with a little Jamaican fragrance.


The mouth is rather warm, bold, brioche, with directly a beautiful liquorice coated with bitter dark chocolate.

The wood is here more present with notes of tobacco and vanilla among others.

The final, as on the Monymusk Habitation Velier, on a side « under wood », mushrooms, plant

The fruit is more discreet than the nose, but we still find a slight trace that perfumes the whole.

Once again, the balance is in place with a very well integrated alcohol and aromas that hold the road without going into every direction…




I really appreciate this Savanna, calm, but still with this point of eccentricity but quite controlled here.

This single cask is a very nice rum, complex, accessible. Perfect for discovering with an uninitiated and very beautiful daily dram for the expert in search of pleasure moment.



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