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Do I continue in Frenglish ?

Hello to all, since some months now I’ve tried to add a english touch to my blog by proposing some articles in English… I think that the idea wasn’t bad at all but I underrated all the works it was 🙂

So, I propose you this little poll to help me for the furture of this blog… Do I continue to “translate” articles or not ?

By the way, it gives me a small opportunity to see how much people really read the english side of the blog cause this poll is only available here 🙂

Do I continue in Frenglish ?

Feel free to vote and add comments… there is no bad answers at all !

Thanks !


  1. FOR a few months..! :))
    Hi Roger. Of course we read your english articles! My french is alright for a German, but my English is much better. If you need any help with translations I would be glad to help. I used to write English subtitles for French movies during my studies…Just let me know and I will either translate articles or at least correct them. During Corona I have plenty of time…
    Kind regards,
    (DonRon) Dino
    Just let me know

  2. Hello Roger,
    I like your Blog and my French isn’t good at all, so I would appreciate it, if you continue to provide an English version as well. Keep up the good work!

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