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19 December 2019 0

Retrospective 2019

By Roger

I had finished the year 2018 by proclaiming that I didn’t like retrospectives of all kinds … So here is…

14 November 2019 0


By Roger

Today, I am going to talk about a subject that I particularly like in these times of “all-proof”, the reduction…

17 April 2019 0

Caroni Ceremony

By Roger

During my discussion with Luca last year, he mentioned a great Caroni Ceremony where he would make the next selections…

11 December 2018 0

Scoring some juice…

By Roger

During the last 21 months, this blog was expanded with a lot of tasting notes, interviews and articles…These tasting notes,…

27 September 2018 0

Caroni, The buzz

By Roger

If there is a rum that stirs passions in recent years, it is the former distillery Caroni …. Well or…