Category: Interview

8 January 2020 0

Marc Sassier

By Roger

First meeting 2020, and not the least, I offer you a short interview with Marc Sassier, production manager of venerable…

28 October 2019 0

Maryse Samaroli

By Roger

Special articel today, because I propose you the interview of a very discreet person and that one does not really…

9 September 2019 0

Bert Bruyneel

By Roger

Today I propose an interview with someone who don’t need to be presented, but I will still present because I…

26 August 2019 0

Vincent Thill

By Roger

In a few weeks, the 6th rum fair in Spa will open its doors to many lovers of this spirit…

22 July 2019 0

François Longueteau

By Roger

Longueteau rums, I like a lot but strangely they are quite absent on this blog … it is rather “boulversing”,…

15 May 2019 0

Massimo Righi

By Roger

Hello Massimo, could you quickly introduced yourself to us ? Massimo Righi, Whisky antique owner and also Silver Seal and…

26 April 2019 0

Gregory Vernan

By Roger

Neisson is one of the smallest distilleries of Martinique …. one of the youngest also with ‘only’ 85 little years…