Author: Roger

31 January 2019 Off

La Favorite

By Roger

After a very nice meeting in Martinique, an interview with Franck and Emmanuelle from La Favorite seemed to be logical.…

27 January 2019 0

Emmanuel Dron

By Roger

Return of our section “interview” with the story of my discussion with Emmanuel Dron, famous co-owner of the mythical bar…

25 January 2019 0

Ben Nevis 2010

By Roger

As a newbie in the world of wisky, I needed the one that could make me switch… I think I’ve…

24 January 2019 0

Hanyu 2000

By Roger

Lately, I fall in love with Chichibu and their terrific whiskies… The IPA cask finish was really fantastic for exemple.…

14 January 2019 2

Some kind of Foursquare

By Roger

Haaaa, Foursquare ‘s rum… It’s always a good moment whith them such it’s well done. That’s “easy drinkable” rums, it’s…

6 January 2019 2

Diamond 2003

By Roger

It was a long time since I didn’t crack for a big demerara rum… So, “mistakes” fixed now with this…

3 January 2019 0

Long Pond 1941

By Roger

Back (to back) on the blog for the first review of 2019… and for this one, I’ve reserved you one…

24 December 2018 0

Depaz 2003/2018

By Roger

The Belgium Rhum Club launched some time ago a cool concept on their facebook page, called “La quinzaine”. The goal…