Author: Roger

14 February 2019 0

Asta Morris 2019

By Roger

February gives us some nice news each year… new formula one, new chinesse year, new … (put what you want…

13 February 2019 0

Ma part des anges

By Roger

Focus on an association well knows in the world of spirits, and rum in particular, I want of course talk…

4 February 2019 0

Bielle 2002

By Roger

Last Sunday took place a master class from (r)asta Morris at the first “Liège Whisky Festival“, and it was a…

3 February 2019 0

O Reizinho

By Roger

New destination with the other country of agricultural rum, Madeira and its rums benefiting of the “Denominação de Origem Protegida”.…

31 January 2019 Off

La Favorite

By Roger

After a very nice meeting in Martinique, an interview with Franck and Emmanuelle from La Favorite seemed to be logical.…

27 January 2019 0

Emmanuel Dron

By Roger

Return of our section “interview” with the story of my discussion with Emmanuel Dron, famous co-owner of the mythical bar…

25 January 2019 0

Ben Nevis 2010

By Roger

As a newbie in the world of wisky, I needed the one that could make me switch… I think I’ve…

24 January 2019 0

Hanyu 2000

By Roger

Lately, I fall in love with Chichibu and their terrific whiskies… The IPA cask finish was really fantastic for exemple.…