El Dorado is back with its new collection, and for those who like to see marks on a bottle, you are going to be more than served! Between the <PM> ICBU <SVW>and other <ICBU> GS/20 <EHP> , admit that’s orgasmic for transparency not?

After that, this will obviously never mean potato as the marks here seem to be quite erased from each other … yes I start with the conclusion to avoid you hurting yourself for nothing.

This collection is a rape in good standing of what DDL can do with its stills … Or how to destroy probably very beautiful things by saucing them like savages.

They succeeded to make the very typical side of Port Mourant disappear with all their sauces … basically, I did not find any of these tracers in the two blends that contain it.

Well, it’s not bad after all, but I have the very unpleasant impression that we’re trying to sell us 12 year old el dorado at the price of Velier bottlings.

Because yes, here we are more in this very sweet / sauced / grilled / molasses trip than in Uitvlugt 1997 if you know what I mean.

And beware, I’m not saying it’s not good, but a 12-year-old el dorado is € 30, not € 179!

Okay, for those who really want, here is my note for each blend of this horrible collection.

Port mourant /uitvlugt 2010

Nose: grilled, sweet, caramelized, rich … the 51% almost absent.

It smells like toast, toast, coffee, mokatine and stewed fruit. A trace of glue is also there … and coconut as on the Dantesque uitvlugt 97

Palate: creamy, delicious but of a length equal to a glass of water unfortunately 🙁

It’s roasted, woody, a bit fruity but it goes way too fast! My god, what’s going on ??? Where are the promises of the nose?

Price: 179€

Score : 76/100

Uitvlugt /enmore 2008

Nose: similar, roasted, grilled, slightly smoky and very caramelized.

A lemon hint is to be noted but in the end it is quite close to the previous one.

Palate: caramel, toasted side, toast and the 47% very (too much?) well integrated… There is a good liquorice side at the end of the mouth as well as blood orange.

It’s nice, tasty but of a dish 🙁

Price: 179€

Score : 75/100

Port mourant /uitvlugt /diamond 2010

Nose: rebelotte we can say 😅 a fruity nose, roasted, on mocha, chocolate, tobacco, solvents and glue … plus some very very very stewed fruits.

Okay, admit, it’s actually the same huge blend in foudre? Is it just the labels and the final dosage that changes?

The fruitiness is carried by the fruit of the orchard as well as a more acidic side that I would attribute to lemon and pineapple.

Palate: ha it’s brighter here, you smell something and it’s less syrupy. It’s still as short in the mouth but there is slightly more flavor.

Then again, it’s not bad, but the saucy side is really too pronounced in fact.

It’s woody, roasted, vanilla, with fruit and liquorice in between and suddenly it’s super tasty… but hey, bof bof in fact.

Price: 179€

Score : 74/100

Diamond /Port mourant 2010

Nose: uh … i’ll give you the roast, coconut, stewed fruit again?

Okay, thinking more can find toast, honey, fruit like pear or apple sauce. I would say that alcohol seems a little more present in this version

Palate: Well, where is the Port Mourant side ?? Okay, well, joke enough time … it’s the same juice, right? 😅

What to say ? Really not much more than what was said above … Mocha, molasses, a little less fruit than on the nose and a slight bit of bitter dark chocolate.

The length is still just as sad and ends with a not very elegant wet cardboard appearance …

Price: 179€

Score : 73,367/101.39


Don’t buy this, take an el dorado 12 yo and keep the rest for an another good rum.

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