it’s me or it’s been a while since we no longer talked about Bert on this blog? Come on, thanks to a nice guy, I end up with a sample of the last Bielle 2006, 13 years old and bottled by Rasta Morris, are you ready ?

Put in barrel in 2006 at the Bielle distillery, on the island of Marie Galante, this rum will have been selected by Bert Bruyneel in August 2019 … Bielle does not want to leave the whole barrel for him for a matter of 2006 remaining stocks not enough.

It is therefore by « scratching » a little that our friend managed to draw 40 liters of this cask, which explains the very few bottles. And yes, only 56 bottles will have been produced at 47.9% … so it’s more than limited as bottling.




The first nose is not very far away from what a libérartion can offer, namely rubber, citrus, spices and fresh cane.

Over time, a white chocolate with a more buttery side appears, always surrounded by citrus fruits such as orange and tangerine.

Licorice is of course in the game, as often with Bielle.

A 100% Bielle nose, therefore, where the wood has its place without overwhelmingly crushing the freshness and fruitiness of Bielle rums.

Very nice balance both in terms of aromas and alcohol ….


Delicate and oily, the very fruity aromas garnish our palate. It is fresh, fruity, slightly oaky with liquorice and a hint of light tobacco.

The fruit discovered on the nose is always present and brings a delicate fragrance. The orange peel and again this beautiful tangerine.

The finish is rather long, on a more pronounced oak and offers bitter chocolate and some tannins.

Pwaaaaa it’s good!


430€ )


Another big bielle, shaped by time in the tropics, this one really has a superb balance. Fruit, wood, alcohol, all come together for a very elegant and sensual rum.

So after, yes it costs a lot unfortunately … but my God it is well done 🙂



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