The confinement that we are experiencing at the moment is a difficult step to cross and we need to find comfort where we can. Whether direct family, board games with children, the DIY, friends via the internet and the little pleasures of life that we have left.

It was with this last perspective that I told myself that having a Caroni 1992 in the cellar was a chance, but it would be better to have it opened in the bar!

So here I am able to give you my feedback on this vintage bottled in 2012, in its reduced version to 55% and therefore 20 years old.

Aged between 1992 and 2008 in Trinidad, this rum was then put in DDL warehouses in Guyana until 2012, the date of the bottling.

This Caroni is part of the « Hangar » series with a reduced and full 1994/2012 and its brother 1992 full . This name comes from the photo which would be the last picture taken at the distillery on December 9, 2004 by the late Fredi Marcarini.


Deep amber, mahogany, it is really superb to contemplate … Yes, a Caroni it is contemplated ok? it is not about! 🙂


Rich, opulent on the classic markers of the distillery, namely hydrocarbons, garage oil, woods, burnt caramel, strong glue, spices such as pepper and nutmeg and mocha.

Behind these first very Caroni scents, there are beautiful fruits, so cherry, pear, more exotic fruits with bananas and mango among others.

A very charming and greedy nose as I like them at Caroni … it’s dirty but not too much, it’s fruity but not as much as the tasting gang. Basically, it’s very well balanced for a Caroni.

The reduction is really good, it leaves plenty of room for this rum to express itself and brings a little sweetness to this very greedy nose. Top !


Creamy, dry, dirty and delicious … there is a more marked woodiness than on the nose, with a big dark chocolate on the palate.

The dirty side specific to Caroni comes out quite well in the mouth but it remains very pleasant, it is not at all excess like some 1998 for example.

Caramel, rubber and hydrocarbons come next but still let certain fruits appear including pear, cherry and mango even if it is more subtle than on the nose.

The finish is of course monstrous on a bitter chocolate powder.


Totally out of control 🙂


Very nice bottle even if I can’t find the stratospheric side of the Caroni full proof « cow ».

The nose is really great, the mouth slightly too woody even if it is not too disturbing … just that it seems more monolithic suddenly.

After, let’s be clear, this juice is really classy but the comparison with the other 1992 hurts a little. But it’s still a great Caroni and having it open is really without the slightest regret, especially since the oxidation will probably make this rum envolve, as all Caroni … the best is yet to come!



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