Hello Massimo, could you quickly introduced yourself to us ?

Massimo Righi, Whisky antique owner and also Silver Seal and Sestante Collection Brand .

You are the owner of Silver Seal, could you explain us how all this story begins ?

It is a long history, I initially started in the whisky business, many years ago, when I was in Scotland attending school.

My first surprise was to find so many different kinds of whisky, with each one having its own unique taste. My idea was to select the best whisky and bottle in single casks and at cask strength, so that people could try the real difference from one product to another.

Later I was introduced to rums and I was really surprised and impressed by some rums, the different characteristics and such wonderful taste, so I started selecting rums in much the same way as I did my whiskys.

We are living a exciting moment with rums, what are your feelings about all the hype around this spirits ? How di you see its evolution ?

Hi is the same that in Whisky Market now the prices are really crazy for the reason that there not many aged casks in the market and also because I think there are more seller that drinkers 😉

It’ s a new sport now, buy and resell.

What’s your first contact with demerara rums ?

Wow I love complexity in rum same in the whisky and I love high personality and Demerara have this characteristic, also in an explosion of summer fruit and I love this.

Demerara was my first love in rum. I don’t remember the first but I remember well the 37 yo was 3 casks, I’ve chosen 2 and one of this at the beginning was little be too woody but after one year was like the ugly duckling 😉

Enmore 1998

You’ve bottled some caroni with Silver Seal of course but also one with Velier via a selection for Whisky Antique…. What kind of relationship have you with Luca? It’s quite strange for 2 competitors to have this kind of collaboration.

Luca is a Friend, every 60 days we have a day together for talk , talk , talk and eat and drink and is very funny day .

With Samaroli, I got the same and when you are so incredible like Luca and Silvano there is NO competition but collaboration .

You have to think that our market is only the 0’01 of the total market and we select just single cask or limited release so why competition ?

With whisky antique I import many independent Bottler because they work very well and I am proud to see their whisky an rum.

What do you think about the caroni Mania… will you release some other caroni with silver.seal or it’s just now overpriced ?

Mmm Caroni is created By Luca and is a rum that you have to love is like as peated whisky: you like or you hate .

Yes I have an other casks but still sleep ….

What’s your feeling concerning the 100% aging and 100% untouched rums with no reduction etc ? You’ve bottled early full proof rums, it was a way to test the market or personnal feeling ?

I prefer full Proof but untill few years ago nobody ask this kind of product also because FP the price can be very high .

However in whisky I do always and probably in rum 80%90 % of the casks will be bottled in this matter

Did you ever try to make bottlings directly with a distillery as we begin to see with Velier of course, but with The Wild Parrot and old brothers too and some others ?

This is probably the future

Yes sure this year we’ll bottle some casks with maybe a big surprise. I think 8 casks

You are also the owner of whisky antique, a spirits shop with high collectibles and old bottings… how is the market of old rums ?

The market now is more quit the one years ago because the prices.

I never seen one fake rum at the moment but probably we will see in the future, like whisky.

And if there are buyers, for sure there are fakers who try to sell specially in some auctions

What do you think of the growing amount of blogs, facebook groups etc… do you feel it’s something positiv for you ?

Yes sure but sometime too many experts… I think this is a great world but also the expert need to respect the opinion of the new drinkers and remember that the taste is strictly personal.

Could you explain us how do you select cask ? Do you ask specific rums? specific skills ? How is your selection process ?

It’s very easy with the istinct ! I try first when arrive the sample or I go there and then the final decision is after dinner alone at home.

The rum must satisfy me when I am complete relax.

No specific rum but must be with very high caracter !

If you have to choose only 3 rums bottlings from silver seal, wich ones would be and why?

Mmmm it depends of the occasion and humor but I think : Bellevue 13 yo because was the first barrel bought form this distillery – demerara Port Mourant 37 yo the 49’9 % for the reason that I told before and many Enmore

Do you want to add something ? It’s your place 🙂

Drink Whisky – Drink Rum – not resell in 2 days …. You can invest and maybe resell but remember buy 2 bottles one for drink and 1 for collection the rum and whisky is for Drink

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  1. Jakub Dvorak says:

    buy 2 bottles one for drink and 1 for collection the rum and whisky is for Drink 👍🏿👍🏿

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