Rasta Morris

Back tonight on the rest of the range Rasta morris which includes a foursquare, a fidji, a caroni, a trinidad and a diamond …  Just to complete my previous note that spoke only of the Uitvlugt. 🙂

Viewing these selections, we can say that we are in classic of classics destinations. In fact it miss a Worthy Park and we are in the current trend.

Which is in no way negative, just for the consumer, it could be difficult to choose between x oursquare or x Fidji….

But this is another debate, let’s focus here on the quality of these selections:

Foursquare 2004/2018 – 62%

Color: gold brown

Nose: Fruity with a lot of citrus fruits like lemon, mandarin.

Banana and pineapple are quite present too, as well as a nice caramelized touch that adds the sweetness needed for this beautiful foursquare.

Over time, more candied, slightly roasted notes and leather come to complete this beautiful nose.

Palate: Quite raw, this one presents us directly beautiful warm notes on caramel and dried fruits in particular.

Spices with nutmeg and vanilla and a touch of chocolate come to assert this warm and greedy character.

The fruits seem to be a behind from the nose but they are not very far with this banana that comes back from time to time.

Conclusion: very beautiful foursquare, really I find it excellent despite the high voltage. If this alcohol had been a little more integrated it was a bomb.

Caroni 1997/2017 – 63.1%

Color: dark brown, 20 years in casks which may be a part of Trinidad, it still marks a little eh 🙂

Nose: directly on hydrocarbons, leather, large exotic fruits well compote.

No doubts, we are facing a big fat Caroni that would not be without reminding some of Velier.

We find a garage oil, bitter orange, chocolate, cherries to finish on a touch more camphor and smoke.

Palate: soft on rubber, leather, vanilla and exotic fruits such as banana and mango.

It is very sweet and greedy despite the robustness of the thing. Another good caroni.

The final is huge as often and ends on a beautiful cherry note.

Conclusion: Excellent, I really enjoyed this caroni hot and typical.

Diamond 2004/2014 – 61.5%

Color:  mahogany, bold.

Nose: molasses, caramel burnt … pwa they still have put a lot in the barrel 🙂

There are also a lot of big fruit well-made like banana, mango, passion, a touch of vanilla, a bitterness woody rather marked which will make me say that Diamond is a Port Mourant.

The plants are also present and I find a touch of fennel and like spices with paprika chips among others.

The alcohol is there but nothing too disturbing. I like very much except this bitterness with which I still have enough good of bad but it remains personal.

Palate: Pretty close to the nose with always this aspect cooked, caramel burnt and spicy with paprika. It is very well done until this woody wet / bitter come back.

Again, it’s me who have a problem with this kind of aroma … the juice is really good but must love it or at least be less sensitive to this kind of thing than me 🙂

The fruits are there too, always candied and bring a lot of greed.

Conclusions: According to some sources, it would be a Versailles … I believe it willingly even if for me it is more towards Port Mourant that I go, so much this bitterness is present.

As often with Port Mourant, I am quite seduced by the nose but the mouth blocks after. It’s just a profile that does not suit me, I think that fans will find their account.

Fidji 2003/2018 – 59.5%

Color: straw, very clear rum for its 15 years in cask. It’s a bit like Hampden actually.

Nose: vegetable and lemony where alcohol is rather present. 

With time, caramel, vanilla, yellow flowers, camphor add a nice aromatic palette. 

This nose is rather fresh and airy I think … no heaviness in there. Pretty nice.

Palate: the entrance is raw from the top of almost 60 degrees but not insurmountable.

Glue, lemon-like citrus, vanilla come next with a light touch of peppery and caramelized.

The finish offers us a beautiful green olive and a humid woody quite discreet.

Conclusions: I have never been a big fan of rums from Fiji, but I must admit that this one seems to me the most interesting. In any case, the one that I like the most from there.

Trinidad 2003/2018 – 63%

Color: brown / orange, the 15 years seem to have given him more color than his friend from Fiji

Nose:Glue, spices, vanilla … the nose is quite closed at the beginning of tasting. We’ll give him a little time.

The caramel comes next and brings us a nice side of pastry cream and caramel flan.

Some spices, wood and banana come to finish this nose.

I would tend to think that a small reduction would have been good for the whole thing.

Palate: rather sweet compared to 63%, we start directly on the caramel again, spices with vanilla in the head, a delicate woody and some exotic fruits.

A nice touch of honey and a finish on liquorice confirm the warm temperament of this rum which, like the nose, could have been finer with a reduction.

Conclusion: nice selection that this Trinidad, very gourmand and where the sugar seems naturally present (as no added by rasta Morris)

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