12 May 2019 0

Indian Ocean Stills

By Roger

Back on two new products from Velier, , with these indian ocean stills and their new destinations …. finally, not…

6 May 2019 0

La Favorite 2010

By Roger

Here is an article that I look forward to every year, the small note on the new La Favorite vintage…

26 April 2019 0

Gregory Vernan

By Roger

Neisson is one of the smallest distilleries of Martinique …. one of the youngest also with ‘only’ 85 little years…

17 April 2019 0

Caroni Ceremony

By Roger

During my discussion with Luca last year, he mentioned a great Caroni Ceremony where he would make the next selections…

29 March 2019 0

Yoichi 20 yo

By Roger

My exploration into the world of Whisky continues with this pretty little bottle offered by a generous guy. By receiving…

23 March 2019 0

Peter Holland

By Roger

Hello peter, so, first of all, you are the guy behind thefloatingrumshack.com and now, rum is your “real” job. Could you…