Author: Roger

22 November 2018 0

Appleton 50 yo

By Roger

August 6, 1962, Jamaica becomes officially independent and thus leaves the British empire. The Queen is moaning, Jamaicans continue to…

17 November 2018 1

Caroni Employees

By Roger

I recently had the honor to talk to the Velier’s boss, Luca Gargano, about the first two bottlings of the…

11 November 2018 0

Caroni 1996 22yo

By Roger

What a pleasure to find on the morning at work, a sample of the last Caroni 1996 series Employees. That’s…

8 November 2018 0

Uitvlugt 1991

By Roger

Back in the region of Demerara with the Uitvlugt 1991 from Rasta Morris, new bottler in the world of rum.…

27 October 2018 0

Rivière de Mât 2006

By Roger

Like many people in the french community, I became interested in cane juice thanks to “La confrérie du rhum” a…

10 October 2018 0

The Wild Parrot

By Roger

New bottler in the small rum world, The Wild Parrot is an association between Stefano Cremaschi (The Whisky Roundabout) and Andrea…